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Create your own unique Sea Moss blend!




- Helps remove mucus from body

- Improves blood circulation

- Clears skin

- Fights joint and muscle pain

- Strengthens the bones

- Supports gut health

- Helps build muscle and aids in workout recovery

- High fiber superfood

- Increases fertility

- Works against cold/flu like symptoms

- Fights against everyday aging

- Helps build the immune system

- Promotes thyroid health

- Aids digestive health

- Assists Weight Loss

- Anti-inflammatory Properties.


Purple Sea Moss:

Purple Sea moss is enriched with powerful antioxidants called Anthocyanins, which effectively combat free radicals generated by unhealthy lifestyles, alcohol consumption, smoking, and poor diets. By neutralizing free radicals, Anthocyanins help alleviate oxidative stress, which not only reduces inflammation and slows down the aging process but also plays a significant role in lowering the risk of chronic illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Additionally, the rainbow Sea Moss provides vital nutrients, supports immune function, aids in digestion, promotes healthy skin, and contributes to overall well-being.


Gold Sea Moss:

Gold Sea Moss is the most common and the only one that is sun-dried. People like the gold variety because it is less potent and offers some of the main benefits of regular sea moss, in addition to having a very minimal smell and taste compared to the other colours.



- Add 1-2 tbsp daily to power up your smoothies or juices.

- Stir in 2 tbsp to help thicken and nourish soups, sauces, gravies and stews.

- Stir 1-2 tsp into your hot tea and coffees.

- For daily face/hair mask: Rub 1 tbsp between hands. Apply, let dry for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.



- Sea Moss gel lasts 14 days and needs to be kept refrigerated.

- Can be frozen for up to 6 months, will just need to transfer it into a freezable container. Please note: (Our jars are not freezable).




Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Alkaline Water, Key Lime.

Organic | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Non GMO

Create Your Own Sea Moss & Herb Blend

PriceFrom £19.50
  • All our Sea moss products are organic and wildcrafted from the pristine waters of either St. Lucia or Jamaica. Sea Moss is one of the most mineral-dense superfoods on Earth and also contains anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties. It helps promotes a healthy thyroid, improves metabolism, promotes great digestion, supports the immune system and increases energy.

  • There is a strict no refund and return policy. All products are made to order. If product was recieved faulty, a re-delivery service can be arranged to replace the faulty product.

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