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How do I place an order?

Place an order on this website from the 'shop' section, and go from there. You can also place orders by direct messaging us on our instagram page: @house.of.seamoss, just send a  message stating the products you would like and you can arrange to pay by cash with local pick up or purchase products via bank transfer. Feel free to ask questions on our website, the chat box (bottom right corner of your screen), or send us a email to if you have further questions in regards to anything. 

Delivery payment and Shipping

We prepare your herbs and Sea Moss within 24 hours from when you have placed your order. We then ship your order 1st class,  fully tracked via royal mail once all is prepped. Please allow 1-3 business days for UK orders (from when the products have been dispatched), and please allow 3-7 business days for international orders (from when they've been dispatched). 

  • All Royal mail deliveries in the UK are £4.

  • All worldwide shipments i.e USA are £27.

Does sea moss go out of date?

Yes it does go out of date! Please consume within 2 weeks from the moment you receive your product. You can however use it on the 3rd week, but we do recommend you monitor it during the 3rd week, making sure it doesn't go a funny- darker colour and starts to smell  'fishy', If you do find that it's gone off on the 3rd week then it's time to chuck it. 

Returns & Refunds

We have a strict no refund & return policy. All of our products are prepared & made to order. We try our very best to guarantee that our products arrive undamaged, but sometimes things happen!


To submit a replacement please include the following information via email:

• Order number

• Tracking number

• Order date

• Your full name

• Address

• Photo of damaged/broken product.

The replacement product will be processed and shipped within a week's time. Thank you for your understanding!

Can I have these herbs/ sea moss if i'm pregnant?

Anyone pregnant and considering using sea moss and other herbs is advised to discuss it with a doctor first.

Can my toddler/kids take any of these herbs/ sea moss?

Yes! Sea moss and herbs are great for kids. They help build and strengthen strong bones and offers brain support,  containing essential minerals that your child needs, gives them a natural boost of energy and strengthens Their immune support.

How much sea moss should I consume in a day?

It is recommended to consume 1-2 table spoons of it a day. This is recommended due to its high level of iodine, which wouldn't be to good for you if you was to over use this product.

How many sea moss gummy bears can I consume in a day?

It is recommended to consume up to a handful of gummy bears a day. As yummy they can be, just remember it is not a race, its a marathon! - Spread your intake throughout the weeks, rather than eating them all in one sitting so you can reap the benefits everyday. 

Whats the difference between the gold & the purple sea moss?

It is said that the purple one is a bit more superior than the gold, and more exclusive to find hence the price.

The purple moss has been dried differently from the gold, it gets dried out in the dark and contains more natural salt, making it a bit more potent, and therefore people do say it gives them that extra ummf! However, both sea moss are really good and contain all the vital benefits. 

When will I start to reap the benefits from  sea moss?

Everybody is different. Most people are so iron deficient that when they start consuming sea moss they notice a difference in energy, physical, and mental health within a few days. However, on average, it takes around 3-6 weeks for noticeable changes. So keep it up! 

Can I use sea moss externally?

You sure can! When use topically, Sea moss tightens the skin, minimizes pores while adding minerals, helps muscle recovery, minimizes scarring from wounds etc. You get better results when you do it often. 



Use sea moss gel on its own, simply apply a small amount to your (clean body area) and allow it to dry for about 15 to 20 minutes. You'll notice that your skin feels tighter, and that's a good thing. After 20 minutes, you can rinse with lukewarm water and apply your favorite moisturizer.



Sea moss can soothe scalp irritation, fortify the strands, curb hair fall, and improve hair shine. Massage scalp & through hair strands, leave on for 25-35 minutes, then rinse off with nourishing hair conditioner and brush through your strands. 


Sea moss has a lot of iron sources, it effectively reduces hair loss and also cures the iron deficiency.

I’d recommend taking it topically and consume orally.

Can I mix sea moss with other herbs?

You sure can! Some blends are more powerful than others, depending on what you are after. You can choose what's ideal for you in our Mixed Blend section, or if you're not yet sure, you can always learn more about each individual herb on the Knowledge Hub page before making your decision.

When will I feel the benefits from the herbs?

Everybody is different. Most people are so deficient in particular minerals that when they start consuming the herbs they notice a big difference right away, i.e; in energy, physical, and mental health. However, on average, it takes around 3-6 weeks for noticeable changes. So continue making it a lifestyle! 

How do I know what herbs are good for me?

Have a browse on the 'learn more' page and discover the benefits of each herb and what they can do for you.

What does sea moss taste like?

We soak every batch of sea moss with key limes to minimize the natural flavours of the sea. While some say sea moss has no taste, everyone's pallet is different and the moss will taste 'oceany' at times because it is from the ocean.

What type of water do you use for your products?

Alkaline water.

How do I store my sea moss?

Sea Moss Gel: This is a short life product and needs to be stored in a cold environment. Please refrigerate immediately (upon arrival please store Sea Moss Gel for at least 2 hours before use) and consume within 14 days upon arrival, Sea Moss Gel can also be frozen, some people choose to use an ice cube tray and fill it with Sea Moss Gel.

Making ice cubes: When it is completely frozen, wrap it in an airtight pouch bag, don’t keep it open. It is very convenient to have the portion size moss ready on hand when needed. However, if you wish to just store your gel, make sure you transfer it into a freezable container (my jars are not freezer friendly),

All sea moss put into the freezer should be used within 6 months.

How do I store my dried herbs?

In a paper bag, in a cool & dry place i.e: In your pantry. Use within 12 months.

Where does your herbs & sea moss come from?

Our herbs are harvested from the beautiful green woodlands, and our sea moss is naturally grown and harvested in the pristine waters of St.Lucia and Jamaica. Our products are sourced from both Caribbean Islands. The divers that harvest our Sea moss safely collect the sea moss and keep it growing naturally in abundance.


Once harvested it then goes through a cleaning and drying process and dries by the sun by day and by the moon by night, once the prepping process is completed it is then sent for testing to ensure our sea moss is healthy and free from any harmful bacteria's before packing and shipping.

My Sea Moss gel looks like it has liquid in the jar?

This is very normal for your gel to lose it "gel like form' during shipping, or change to room temperature. All Sea moss Gel products should be placed in the fridge for at least 2 hours to allow the gel to form to the correct consistency.

My gel has brown specs in it, is it clean?

Yes, Our sea moss is cleaned thoroughly and we remove any rocks from the coast, sea weed or any other ocean particles that has naturally attached to the sea moss. If you do come across any specs, its because of the various ranges in colours of sea moss, the batch that is assigned to you may naturally be a mixture of colours like pink or brown. So that is why you way come across some different colour spec in your sea moss blend. 

House of Seamoss disclaimer

All herbs and Sea moss listed on are for medical and household use, we advise that before using any of our products for medical purposes, please consult your medical practice first.

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