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Sea Moss

Benefits: Gets rid of infections, cures coughs, helps

remove mucus from the

body, helps with fertility and ....

Chaney Roots

Chaney Roots

Benefits: Very high iron content, helps bowel movement, cleanses and builds up the blood, boosts sex drive...

Horny Goat Weed

Benefits: Promotes prostate health, lowers your blood pressure, treats osteoporosis,

cures erectile dysfunction and... 

horny goat weed

Soursop Leaves

Benefits: Fights against

Cancerous cells, Its high

in vitamin C, treats herpes and...

Soursop Leaves
Spuiralina herb


Benefits: Has anti-cancer properties, reduces blood pressure , improves muscle strength and endurance,

aids blood sugar control...

Black seed oil

Black Seed Oil

Benefits: Reduces symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis,

helps with male infertility,

treats diabetes and...

Moringa Seeds

Benefits: Protects the liver and kidney disorders, preventing and treating cancer, fights against bacterial diseases,  cures erectile dysfunction and...

Moringa Seeds


Benefits: Treats psoriasis, treats syphilis, protects the liver from damage, helps with arthritis, relives skin itching like eczema, it also...

Sarsaparilla herb
medina herb


Benefits: Curing common cold and fevers, helping with back and joint pain, combats fatigue, Is a sexual booster and...

Bladderwrack herb


Benefits: Relieves constipation or diarrhea, lowers inflammation, treats HIV virus,

relieves digestive issues, helps with gastritis also...

Nettle Leaf

Benefits: Helps with eye health,

reduces risk of infection,

helps urinary tract infections, helps treat anemia and sickle cell disease...

nettle leaf

Lemon Grass

Benefits: Promotes sleep, relieves pain, helps promote healthy digestion, reduces cancer risk, reduces stress and...

Organic Lemongrass Green-Dried-Lemon Grass Herb-Lemongrass Leaves

Dandelion Leaves

Benefits: Helps with urinary tract infections, Inflammation, detoxing the body, cures the Common Cold and...


Raw Moon

Benefits: Increases energy, alleviates tiredness and fatigue, increases appetite, increases libido, improves sperm count and fertility...

Chew Stick

Benefits: Cleans your teeth removing plaque, antibacterial

replenishing needed minerals to the teeth, fights against the acid that causes tooth decay...

Chew Stick

Strong Back Leaves

Benefits: Relief from back aches, strengthens the back muscles, improves the body’s energy levels, builds stamina, combats muscle soreness, Improves the sexual performance and...

Strong Back

Disclaimer: All herbs and Sea moss listed on are for medical and household use, we advise that before using any of our products for medical purposes, please consult your medical practice first.



Benefits: Eases ear infections,  fights viral infections, helps with breathing difficulty, removes excess mucus and...

Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain

Benefits: Helps improve breast milk production, calms nerves and mood swings, also helps promote nervous system health and...

Burdock Root

Benefits: It contains antioxidants, 

can remove toxins from the blood, inhibits some types of cancer, used as an aphrodisiac, can help treat skin issues and...

Burdock root herb

Dandelion Root

Benefits: Helps with cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system, promotes liver health, weight loss, and more...

dandelion root

King of the Forest

Benefits: The leaves are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory,  treats skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis (itchiness) and more...

ginkgo leaves

Ginkgo Leaves

Benefits: Helps treat brain, circulatory and respiratory conditions. Also treating blood disorders and memory issues and more...

Lions Mane Mushroom

Benefits: Improves cognitive function, improves memory loss, concentration, reduces anxiety and depression, reduces inflammation, arthritis and more...

lions mane

Reishi Mushroom

Benefits: Anti cancer properties,

Promotes the production of white blood cells, Helps fight infections and diseases, supports cardiovascular health

and more...

Reishi Mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom

Benefits: Stimulates immune system, Increases the production of white blood cells, helps fights infections, diseases, helps prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells and more...

Mitake Mushroom

Maitake Mushroom

Benefits: Promotes healthy digestion, protects against oxidative stress, supports liver health, detoxification and more...

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