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Astrotherapy & Spiritual Mentorship

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Dive into a holistic exploration with our 30 - 45 minute Nutritional and Herbal Consultation created to unveil the nuances of your well-being. These personalised consultations will shed light on the elements that influence your vitality, nutrition, herbal remedies, and lifestyle choices. Please be aware that our virtual consultations are confidential and tailored to each individual.

Get set to unravel the secrets to a healthier and more vibrant you!


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£Our 8 week mentorship program includes: 
  • Supportive expert guidance from mentor. 
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability.
  • Continuous text communication support is accessible.
  • Knowledge on the fundamentals of herbalism.
  • Tips, instructions and video tutorials on herb prep.
  • Secrets of nutrition, meal planning, and mindful nutritious eating.
  • Adapting a overall healthier lifestyle.
  • Herbal remedies for common ailments such as stress, sleep, libido, hormones and more. 
  • Replacing bad habits with healthier ones.
  • Personalised alkaline food guide. 
  • Self-care tips and remedies to enhance your wellness experience.
  • Weekly assigned tasks for a guided experience
  • Included: Personalised herb assortment box with a maximum of 8 herbs or products.

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UK, London




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