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Helps remove mucus from body

Improves blood circulation

Clears skin

Fights joint and muscle pain

Strengthens the bones

Supports gut health

Helps build muscle and aids in workout recovery

High fiber superfood

Increases fertility

Works against cold/flu like symptoms

Fights against everyday aging

Helps build the immune system

Promotes thyroid health

Aids digestive health

Assists Weight Loss

Anti-inflammatory Properties.



Rainbow Sea Moss:


The rainbow Sea Moss is a unique fusion, containing a mixture of all our Sea Moss colours combined, including the gold, purple and green, it provides a bit of all their benefits.




Add 1-2 tbsp daily to power up your smoothies or juices.

Stir in 2 tbsp to help thicken and nourish soups, sauces, gravies and stews.

Stir 1-2 tsp into your hot tea and coffees.

For daily face/hair mask: Rub 1 tbsp between hands. Apply, let dry for 10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.





Sea Moss gel lasts 14 days and needs to be kept refrigerated, however, you can monitor it during the third week as it still may be fine to consume.

Can be frozen for up to 6 months, will just need to transfer it into a freezable container. Please note: (Our jars are not freezable).





Wildcrafted Purple, Gold & Green Mixed Sea Moss.


90% Wildcrafted Sea Moss

10% Filtered Alkaline Water

Soaked with a fresh Key Lime




Our Sea moss products could include traces of allergens such as molluscs and crustaceans, so it is recommended that those with allergies check with GP before consumption.


Organic | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Non GMO

Rainbow Sea Moss Gel 190ml

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