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Self-Empowerment Mentorship

  • 10semanas


Our Self-Empowerment Mentorship program is built on the idea that everyone holds the capacity to reach their full potential and lead a satisfying life. We mentor individuals to help them discover their passions, talents, and values, using these strengths to chart a path to success. We cover various aspects, such as, enhancing relationships, maintaining work-life balance, financial planning (optional), and nurturing emotional intelligence. Feel free to let us know if there are particular areas you'd like to prioritize. Together, we'll uncover practical strategies to conquer challenges and instigate positive changes in every facet of your life. What to expect: - Self-awareness, Your deeper personality - Your values, Strengths and weaknesses - Your skills , Confidence building - Life path, your career, your higher calling - Problem solving, Conflict resolution - Financial management - Relationship skills - Work-life balance, Finding happiness - Emotional intelligence - Health and wellness



Pago único
350,00 GBP
Monthly Subscription
275,00 GBP/month


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