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Self-Care & Self Empowerment Mentorship

Your Self Love Journey Begins Here

This 10 week journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being with our Self-Love & Self-Empowerment Mentoring Program, guided by Zindzi - an experienced and empathetic mentor in Self-Empowerment life coaching. This personalised program caters to your unique needs, focusing on deep introspection, meaningful goal-setting, and sustainable self-care practices. Our supportive program helps in navigating life's challenges, building resilience, and unlocking your full potential. Through mindfulness techniques, positive psychology, and practical strategies, gain insights, tools, renewed self-love, and lasting positive change. Reading your Astrological chart may be used as a tool if necessary for a deeper healing journey and reflection on past situations. Prepare to prioritise well-being, embrace authenticity, and manifest a life aligned with your deepest desires. Nothing changes, if nothing changes!

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Self-Love & Self Empowerment Mentorship - £240

Our 10 week mentorship program includes: 
  • Free consultation online (30-45 minutes).
  • Supportive expert guidance from qualified life coach and self-empowerment mentor; Zindzi.
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability.
  • Continuous text communication support is accessible.
  • Self-love practices.
  • Discovering the true depths of your identity.
  • Shadow work if necessary.
  • Weekly assigned tasks for a guided experience.
  • Included: Personalised gift box with a maximum of 8 items to assist you on your journey of enlightenment.

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