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Astrotherapy & Spiritual Mentorship

Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here

Step into the transformative realm of having a spiritual mentor to accompany you on your initial journey with the useful tool of  astrology. As your dedicated guide, we will combine insightful astrological wisdom with compassionate mentoring to empower your journey of self-discovery, life's purpose and personal growth. Together, we'll unravel the mysteries of your unique astrological blueprint, providing amazing insights into your personality and equipping you to navigate life's challenges with confident knowledge of self. This holistic approach is your key to unlocking full potential, creating positive changes, and aligning with your true purpose here on earth. If you're ready to cultivate meaningful connections and take off on a transformative adventure toward your best self, this fusion of spiritual coaching and astrology is your invitation to a powerful journey. Now get ready to delve deep and uncover a true meaning of life and self!

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Astrotherapy & Spiritual Mentorship - £240

Our 10 week mentorship program includes: 
  • Free consultation online (30-45 minutes).
  • Supportive expert guidance from qualified Astrologer and Spiritual mentor; Zindzi.
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability.
  • Continuous text communication support is accessible.
  • Knowledge on the fundamentals of Spirituality.
  • Discovering the true depths of your identity.
  • Weekly assigned tasks for a guided experience.
  • Included: Personalised gift box with a maximum of 8 items to assist you on your journey of enlightenment.

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