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Astrotherapy & Spiritual Advisor

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Delve on a transformative journey with our Astrotherapy and Spiritual Life Coaching. Together, we'll harness the celestial insights of astrology to delve deep into the layers of your personality. Our program includes understanding what spirituality truly means, unraveling the essence of your true self, embracing mindfulness, and exploring various spiritual traditions. We'll navigate the complexities of your adult and professional life, revisit the echoes of your inner child, and for those interested, dive into the deeper realms of wound healing and shadow work. Along the way, we'll shine a light on your karmic lessons, unveil your life's purpose, nurture your relationships, set meaningful goals, and celebrate your rebirth into a more empowered and authentic you. What we will cover: - What spirituality is - The various layers of your personality - Understanding your deeper self - Mindfulness and various spiritual practices - Your adult and professional life - Your inner child and childhood - Wound healing and shadow work (optional) - Identifying your Karmic lessons - Your life purpose, finding your calling - Relationship compatibility - Goal setting and action plans - Rebirth: Embracing the transformed you



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