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EXPRESS Astrological Chart Reading

Your Next Revelation Awaits

These EXPRESS 45 minute Astrology Chart Readings are to guide you in understanding your true connection to the world. Your birth chart reveals the composition of your intricate personality, showcasing planets, asteroids, and zodiac entities within you. Please note, one-to-one sessions are personalised, and we cannot include extra individuals. We prioritise a private and personalised experience for each participant.


Now get ready to unlock the mysteries that lay within you!

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EXPRESS Astrology Chart Reading - £24 
  • Supportive expert guidance from qualified Astrology Reader; Zindzi.
  • Explained understanding for easier interpretation.
  • Duration: 45 minutes depending if there's lots to cover.
  • Additionally if you're interested in finding out compatibility with a friend or romantic partner, please specify this in the additional comment section, and state their Full Name, Date of Birth, Birth Location and Exact Time of Birth if known.
  • If you are uncertain about your birth time, we can still proceed with the reading; however, certain aspects may be incomplete. Please refrain from estimating the time, as this may result in an inaccurate reading and render it ineffective.
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